The Five Great Realms of Vizwoz

Land of the Pharaohs

Immerse yourself in the Land of the Pharaohs, where the scorching sun beats down on a vast desert landscape. Explore ancient hieroglyphics, venture into the tomb of a late Pharaoh, and unlock the secrets of the pyramids in this sand-filled wonderland. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in a soothing bath in Cleopatra’s tub, surrounded by fragrant blossoms. Discover the mysteries of this ancient civilisation as you journey through the desert sands and uncover its treasures.

Medieval City

Step into the enigmatic history of the Medieval city’s stone castle, shrouded in mystery. Explore its haunted-looking halls and uncover the secrets within. Don’t miss the underground dungeon, where enemy soldiers were once imprisoned and left to perish. If you crave thrills and excitement, this is the perfect destination for you. Discover the dark past of this ancient castle and unlock its secrets as you delve into its mysterious halls.

Tropical Island

A small island with breathtaking ocean views, is the ultimate vacation spot. The beach is perfect for outings with friends, with opportunities for surfing and jet skiing. For the adventurous, jungle hikes lead to beautiful waterfalls and bat-filled caves. Reaching the Hilltop rewards with a spectacular view. Perfect for beach lovers, surfers, and nature enthusiasts, Tropical Island offers a thrilling getaway with stunning scenery and exciting activities.

Fame World

The hotspot for elites, celebrities, and the classy. Enjoy the latest movies at Vizwoz Cinema with friends or your special someone. Dine at Sea View for an excellent restaurant experience after a movie date, or relax at Energise spa just in front. Party at Vclub till dawn for wild nightlife. Visit the Chapel of Love, where couples swear their undying love. Join the star-studded city’s favorite hangout for friends and couples, and indulge in the glamorous lifestyle of Fame World.

Future City

Welcome to Future City, a marvel of modern architecture and technology. Enjoy coffee at Coffee Cup or ice cream at the Ice Cream Parlour with friends. Game lovers can explore virtual world games at GamePad. Chinatown offers a contemporary take on Chinese culture, with a famous Chinese restaurant serving sushi. The city is also home to Vizcops headquarters and Vizwoz College. Discover the unparalleled experience of living in this highly advanced and exceptionally developed city.


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